Surprise from staff at Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Baja Mexico.

“You have literally made every single person you encountered in this state, feel happy and appreciated.  I can’t tell you how many people have sent emails thanking me for you.”
Jennifer Thompson
President/CEO Thompson & Co Public Relations– State of Alaska

“To us you are like a gift that keeps on giving.”
Sarah Scoltock
Director of Communications, Un-Cruise Adventures, Seattle

“Your article is great. One of the best I came across reading.
But you were a great guest, Jocelyn with the French name. You and Peter were by far my favorites that summer.”
Ingrid Lemm
Guest Relations Manager, Auberge Saint Antoine, Quebec City

“Thank you so much for this beautiful article. I do believe this is the best piece written on the park, EVER!”
Steve Krochel
Owner Kroschel Wildlife Centre, Haines


“Thank you for writing about me. Many Australians have come and wanted to do exactly what you wrote. One person even gave me a copy of the magazine.” Nuon Chansarak

Cambodian guide, Siem Reap